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Skin & Coat for Cats

Shop our range of cat skin and coat care options for your furry friend and bring back their natural shine.

Why is cat coat health important?

Has your cat’s coat lost its shine? Has her fur gone lumpy? Well a cat’s poor coat condition can be due to a few different factors, these can include:

Poor nutrition

For healthy skin and a healthy coat, your cat needs a balanced diet of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats, just like us! 


Like all living things, with age your cat can begin to look a little bit rougher than she used to. But cat coat supplements are a great way to counteract some signs of ageing. 

Bathing too often

It is possible to be bathing your cat too often. Too frequent bathing can lead to a matted and untidy coat. Your cat may also lose essential oils from their fur. Most cats aren’t very fond of the water either, so best to make this a ‘sometimes’ activity.

What are some different cat skin conditions?

Like us, a cat’s skin is the barrier between its body and the outside world. So when the skin becomes irritated or flares up, it allows foreign contaminants to enter the body, which can lead to severe discomfort or infection.

Since the skin is one of the few organs we can see, usually spotting different cat skin conditions is easier than spotting other issues. Some common cat skin conditions are:

Cat dermatitis

Cat dermatitis is a skin condition usually caused by an allergic reaction. More often than not, it’s from a flea bite. Some cats are allergic to the flea’s saliva, so when they are bitten by one it can cause their skin to flare up and become irritated.

If your cat’s dermatitis is not from a flea bite, you’ll need to figure out what your cat is allergic to. Once you figure that out, it becomes simple to control your cat's environment to make sure they don’t run into any of their allergies.

Cat eczema

Some symptoms of cat eczema can be:

  • Scratching
  • Itchiness
  • Frequent head shaking
  • Patches of hair loss

Cat eczema or cat dry skin can be treated with topical, oral and sometimes injectable treatment. It can be very easy and effective to treat as long as you act fast and start treating them as soon as you start seeing symptoms.

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