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Oral Care for Cats

Cat got morning breath? Browse Scriptly’s wide range of cat dental care products for healthy teeth and gums.

Cat dental care

Before cats were domesticated, they would clean their teeth by chewing on grass and bones, but house cats don’t often have this luxury. Teeth and gum problems occur in eight out of ten cats over the age of three, so it’s important to regularly check the state of your cat's teeth and gums to make sure they’re looking healthy.

How to care for your cat’s oral health

When it comes to cat dental care and making sure your kitty’s mouth is healthy, some human intervention will be necessary - yes, this means you’ll need to brush their teeth! But oral care is more than just looking after your cat's teeth. Tooth decay usually comes from irritated and inflamed gums, so it’s important to also monitor your cat’s gum health.

How to brush your cat’s teeth

1. Buy your cat a pet toothbrush and pet toothpaste

2. Let your cat interact with the toothbrush a few days before you plan on brushing their teeth, to help them feel comfortable around it

3. Get yourself and your cat in a comfortable position where you can easily reach their mouth

4. Start brushing! Start in a gentle circular motion on both their teeth and gums

At what age should I start brushing my kitten’s teeth?

You have to wait until your kittens are no longer teething and they have all of their adult teeth grown in. This usually occurs after about 6 months. After that point, it’s recommended that you start brushing your cat's teeth.

Gingivitis in cats

The most common cause of gingivitis in cats is a build-up of plaque and bacteria in their mouth. Symptoms of gingivitis in cats are:

  • Red or swollen gums 
  • Bad breath
  • Drooling
  • Difficulty eating
  • Weight loss
  • Changes in behaviour

Cat dental treats

Cat dental treats are great rewards for your cat, but they’re formulated with a texture that helps scrub your cat’s teeth as they chew. Oral care gel for cats is an essential element of teeth brushing as it helps prevent the build-up of plaque. Oral care water additives for cats is another great tool to help your cat maintain good oral health. Water additives provide plaque defence, and all your cat has to do is drink from their normal water bowl.

Australia’s most trusted brands for cat oral care

Scriptly offers some of Australia’s most trusted and proven brands of oral care treatments for cats.